Aspers Way


Aspers has developed a whole new operating model for casinos in the UK.

Prior to the opening of Aspers at The Gate in Newcastle in 2005, the gambling industry in the UK was polarised between private clubs catering for a narrow, elite market and down-market betting shops, unattractive to women or to casual leisure users.

Aspers has transformed the market with its high footfall, low-spend model, first introduced at Aspers at The Gate, Newcastle, which receives 13,000 visits per week, and now being implemented at Aspers Milton Keynes and London Stratford, which receives over 30,000 visits per week.

The average spend per person at Aspers casinos ranges between £20 and £40 per visit. This ground breaking approach to casinos as a leisure destination has now been widely copied by Aspers competitors, but never equalled.

Vision & Values

Aspers Group is an industry leader in casino development and operation

  • We were awarded the first Large Casino Licence in the UK at London Stratford, which opened in December 2011
  • We were awarded the second Large Casino Licence in the UK in Milton Keynes, which opened in September 2013
  • We have recently won the last available UK Large Casino Licence in Southampton

Our venues have popularised casino entertainment and brought them to the mass market. Aspers delivered

  • The first sustainably profitable low stake high volume operating model
  • The first open door and the first 24 hour casino in the UK
  • The UK’s first casino loyalty scheme

We deliver sustainable employment for local people

  • We offer flexible working to support people with family responsibilities.
  • We believe in training and developing all staff.

We believe we are The Best Operator of Casinos in the UK.

Creative, energetic people. Consistently delighting customers with our superior products and services.

One team, taking personal responsibility, showing leadership and professionalism.

Taking pride in getting it right.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Aspers, being the best operator is about being a good corporate citizen, a fair employer and having a commitment to corporate responsibility in everything that it does.

A committed corporate citizen

Aspers takes its role as a member of the community very seriously. Aspers is a corporate member of national bodies such as the National Casino Forum; sector specific associations such as the UK and International Association of Casino Security, the International Compliance Association and the Society for the Study of Gambling; and, at local level, participates in Council and business-led initiatives such as the North East Chamber of Commerce, several Northampton Town Centre Committees, MK Business Leaders, thecentre:MK, Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, Destination Milton Keynes and the Milton Keynes Partnership.

It is an integral part of the Aspers strategy to engage at every level with as many stakeholders from the local business, civic, academic, residential and charitable communities. Aspers commits time, people and money to support these groups. In Milton Keynes Aspers contributes to local charities, sports events and town festivities and has relationships with the Milton Keynes Community Foundation, MK SNAP and other charitable groups including MK SportsAid and The Stables. Local networking and business functions, including the Midsummer Breakfast Club, are regularly attended.

Aspers has sponsored the Milton Keynes College Adult Student of the Year for the last two years and makes significant donations to the borough of Newham with the Aspers Good Causes Fund which was set up to support community projects in Newham to build residents’ confidence and skills through education, music, cultural activities, sports, arts and science, conservation and environmental awareness.

Aspers leads the industry in developing policies and procedures to protect the vulnerable and young from any potentially harmful effects of gambling. Many of Aspers policies were introduced before being required to do so by the Gambling Act 2005.

However, Aspers flagship initiative is the creation of Community Action for Responsible Gaming (CARG). CARG is dedicated to working with local charities, law enforcement bodies, religious groups and local community groups to mitigate any issues of problem gambling in the community. Aspers is the founder of this initiative which is now becoming the benchmark for the UK. Aspers commitment to CARG is not a short term exercise, but a long term guiding principle.

Aspers leads the industry in developing policies and procedures to protect the vulnerable and young from any potentially harmful effects of gambling.