Code of Conduct

Corporate Compliance Statement

The Aspers Group is committed to conducting its business with integrity and to adopting respectable and ethical standards, acting across its business interests with due care and diligence. The Company is committed to compliance with the Gambling Act 2005, the Gambling Commission’s Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice, the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and the Licensing Act 2003.

The Company ensures that its employees are aware of and fully comply with the licensing objectives and will deal with the Gambling Commission in an open and co-operative way. We are committed to offering socially responsible gambling and providing a safe environment to gamble in.

The Aspers Group has internal procedures in place to ensure that its business is conducted in compliance with all relevant primary and secondary legislation. The procedures will be communicated to all relevant staff and all those staff members who are required to hold a Gambling Commission Personal Licence will have the requisite competency for the licence held and the responsibilities associated with that position. We have well established staff practices and procedures in place including procedures for all staff to report grievances.

We believe that a well-structured and organised corporate business with well-trained management and staff is essential to our success. We deliver this success within the UK gambling legislative framework, working with our regulator through our management and compliance teams.

Richard Noble
Chief Executive Officer