About Us

Aspers Group provides its customers with an exciting entertainment experience through innovation and providing a quality, integrated environment which exceeds expectations and is fully compliant  with UK legislation. We operate to the highest industry standards and have four casinos – Westfield Stratford City, Newcastle, Northampton and Milton Keynes. Our casino in Stratford is one of the largest in the UK and is a premier gaming destination that attracts a wide variety of guests.

Our origins lie in the traditions of land based casino gambling and we aim to carry those traditions forward whilst at the same time continuing to work with both regulators and industry partners in the development of safer gambling practices that provide high levels of protection for our customers.

As a business we believe that it is important to be involved in the different communities where we operate. We look to help and protect them through local investment, whether in terms of promoting safer gambling, providing local employment or supporting local communities through initiatives such as our Good Causes Fund in Newham.

We strive to work in partnership with our guests and suppliers to achieve a responsible and caring attitude towards the protection of the environment and provide effective waste management and energy saving solutions. We aim to achieve the highest possible standards in Health and Safety by ensuring that the company’s activities provide a high level of protection to our employees, our guests and the communities where we operate.

We continually engage in the training of our employees to ensure that they are fully supported and understand their role in delivering our CSR strategy. We believe that effective training is key to the successful implementation and maintenance of our Social Responsibility policies.

At Aspers Group we take our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and place it high in our list of business priorities.  We encourage social leadership and invite our employees to seek creative solutions that will make an impact at a local level.

Aspers Group’s social contribution is delivered alongside our economic performance, not at the expense of it. The aim of our business is ultimately to make a profit, but we believe that by supporting social issues in the communities where we operate, we will help provide long-term profitability for our shareholders and a secure and valued career for our employees.

The average spend per person at Aspers casinos ranges between £20 and £40 per visit. This groundbreaking approach to casinos as a leisure destination has now been widely copied by Aspers’ competitors, but never equalled.